The Macin Mountains are of remarkable importance in the country's mountains, being the oldest mountains in Romania. Due to the numerous historical vestiges, the researchers' interest is focused on the archaeological excavations and equally on the research of existing vast natural treasure here – geological, botanical and zoological.
    The Macin Mountains National Park's available natural potential is making it accessible to a wide range of tourists, interested in hiking, landscapes, flora, local fauna, studies and documentaries (documentations).
    On different levels of vegetation, between 7 and 467 m - Tutuiatu Peak, we meet the unique steppe landscapes on the slopes, followed by forests with oak, flowering ash, hornbeam and downy oak, leading to bushes on the peaks and cliffs, and steppe-looking alpine meadows.
    In the park there is one of the oldest, exciting and known reserves of our country – the Beech Valley Natural Reservation. It is characterized by the unique and vigorous presence of Tauric beech, which shows intermediate characters between the native beech, Oriental beech and coppice flora, unique in Dobrogea and similar to Crimean beech forests.


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Anunț 15 mai 2020

In Parcul National Muntii Macinului, ROSCI 0123 Muntii Macinului, ROSPA 0073 Macin Niculitel si in partea din ROSCI 0201 Podisul Nord Dobrogean care se suprapune cu ROSPA 0073 Macin Niculitel, incepand cu data 15 mai 2020,  pe cele 16 trasee turistice peisagistice si tematice marcate cu semne distinctive cat si pe traseele de cicloturism marcate de Administratia parcului, in ariile protejate mai sus menționate, drumetiile in scop recreativ sunt permise la nivel individual sau in grupuri de cel mult 3 persoane.

Drumețiile in zona noastra de responsabilitate avand scop  recreativ se pot desfășura doar pe traseele marcate de Administratia Parcului,  prezentate pe site -ul administratiei, condițiile mai sus prezentate fiind completate cu condițiile obligatorii stipulate in reglementările si prevederile legislative cu privire la starea de urgenta/ alerta COVID 19,  in vigoare la data efectuării acestor drumeții (declaratii , masca s.a.)