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31 May 2008 – European Park Day

On 31 May 2008, in Jijila in the place called "La Bordei – The Hovel", the 5th anniversary of the European Park Day has taken place. On this occasion the "Traditions, People and Nature" competition has also taken place.


The event was joined by representatives of UNDP, Monica Moldova, head of the Energy and Environment Department, and Alexandra Ares, communications officer.


The purpose of the competition was that of acknowledging the importance of maintaining the special natural heritage of the Măcin Mountains National Park, in close connection with keeping and preserving local neighboring customs and crafts. Also, a purpose was the promotion of the importance of the UNDP/GEF Project: "The Consolidation of the National System of Protected Areas of Romania by Proving the Best Management Practices of a Protected Area and its Neighboring Areas, in the Măcin Mountain National Park", for the development and promotion of the local communities neighboring the Măcin Mountains National Park.


6 teams participated in the competition, each made out of 5 members together with a coordinator, all of them of diverse ages and occupation. The teams represented the following towns and villages: Măcin, Jijila, Greci, Văcăreni, Cerna and Luncaviţa.


The participants impressed due to their seriousness and determination in the 6 tasks of the competition, without any trace of nervousness since this has been its 5th edition. They have showed spontaneity and creativity in presenting local customs and traditions, such as "Caloianul", wooing in a Megleno-Romanian family, wicker weaving, the preparation of the "Paştaşuta", etc.


The jury designated the Jeica - Cerna team as the winners. The following places were taken by the Jijila team (IInd place), Văcăreni team (IIIrd place), Greci, Luncaviţa and Măcin.


All the participants have been rewarded with prizes: tents, cooler boxes, backpacks, badminton blades, diplomas and flyers.