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Traditions Competition, People and Nature 2010

        On 27 May 2010 the Administration of the Măcin Mountains National Park has organized the 5th edition of the ecologic competition "Traditions, People and Culture", dedicated to the European Park Day.


        The competition has taken place in the Măcin Mountains National Park – the area of Ciuhla Valley nearby Hamcearca.


        8 teams have participated in the competition: Snowdrops – Luncaviţa; Green Team – Măcin; Silver Berry – Jijila; Taiţa Falcons – Hamcearca; Green Heaven – Cerna (Traian); Moşoaiele – Luncaviţa; Jeica – Cerna, The Tortoises of Dobrogea – Greci.


        The 5 members of each team have taken part in 5 tasks:


I. The identification of 5 local plant species.

II. Enumerating 5 endangered species found in the natural park as follows: plants, insects, reptiles, birds and mammals.

III. The composition of a work (poetry, song, play, etc.) presenting the importance of the Măcin Mountains National Park for the community.

IV. The presentation and interpretations of a local traditional custom.

V. The presentation of a local craft.


     The winners of this edition were the members of the Jeica – Cerna team, followed closely by the Dobrogea Tortoises team – Greci and Taiţa Falcons – Hamcearca team. But the general feeling was that everybody won. All the participants have been rewarded with prizes.


        The special guests were Laura Matetovici, representative of the Tulcea Agency for Environment Protection, Gretel Enck, volunteer for the Peace Corps, and Morgan Porcher from Brittany, volunteer of the Administration of the Măcin Mountains National Park through the Leonardo DA Vinci program.


This event has been organized by the Administration of the Măcin Mountains National Park with the support of Hamcearca Municipality and was addressed, especially, to the neighboring communities and all the lovers of the special natural environment of the Măcin Mountains National Park.