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Project Senior Ranger

Saturday 7 August 2010, the Administration of the Măcin Mountains National Park has finalized the implementation of the "Senior Ranger" project, with the aim of ecological education and public awareness, during the period 23.04.2010 – 7.08.2010, initiated by ranger Vasile Bădilaş and implemented by the collective management of the protected area.

The purpose of the project was that of increasing the efficiency of the conservation actions regarding the area of the Măcin Mountains, by the voluntary participation of some members of the nearby communities in various actions. The objective of the project was that of "creating of collaboration partners in the communities, partners with a good understanding of all aspects regarding the establishment and management of a protected area".


The Director of the Administration of the Măcin Mountains National Park, Mr. Viorel Roşca, has had the pleasure of awarding participation certificates to the 10 trainees from the community of Măcin (3 teachers, 3 engineers, 2 clerks, an electronics technician and a small entrepreneur). The young people of Măcin who took part in the "Senior Ranger" course have signed volunteering contracts with the Administration of the national park. This moment has represented the launching of a tight collaboration. The course has been hosted by the "Suluk - Regia" Center for Education in Nature and for Nature.


2010 august 9                                        ranger Vasile Bădilaş