Evenimentele lunii iunie în Luncavița

Observator Astronomic Luncavița - 27-29 iunie 2014. (Zona Dealul Pietrișului). Observații astronomice educative deschise publicului, organizate în parteneriat de Comuna Luncavița și Complexul...

Sărbători câmpenești Hercinice

Viziunea pe termen lung privind Parcul Naţional Munţii Măcinului este următoarea: „Un loc care este evaluat şi apreciat pentru bogăţia moştenirii naturale şi etnoculturale, care contribuie la...

Concursuri de MTB in Muntii Macinului

În luna iunie 2014 se vor organiza 2 concursuri de MTB XC pe teritoriul parcului Național Munții Măcinului. Pe data de 7 iunie "Măcin XC" în localitatea Greci si pe data de 21 iunie "Explorer MTB...

General Socioeconomic Aspects

Human settlements are concentrated in depressions, hills with safer areas, on river valleys, some of them even having a strategic-military role – Măcin and Luncaviţa. Most settlements in Dobrogea have an irregular shape, the household being those specific to Southern Dobrogea: “closed yard”, designed for agricultural and pastoral use, with clear elements of “double-yard households”, namely the yard for animals and the house yard.

Local Communities

The existence of the National Park neighboring certain communities can represent for them a surplus of importance and motivation in order to develop new local business and investment ideas.

Historical Data

The passing of history has dispersed many peoples in Dobrogea, this land being often times and exchange coin between empires, this fact also being reflected in the ethnic heterogeneity of the communities surrounding the park, each with its own customs and traditions.

Historical vestiges from the park’s neighboring settlements

The cultural historical landscape in the Măcin Mountains National Park is represented by many archaeological sites, taken out of anonymity as a result of many excavations done in time by numerous societies or archaeological institutes, the Tulcea Eco-Museum Research Institute, etc. They have provided proof for the existence of human settlements in the region since the Stone Age.